Top 4 holiday digital marketing strategy tips for 2022

September is upon us! Has your small business thought about the holidays yet? If not, the time is now — a digital marketing campaign strategy will enable you to sail through one of the busiest times of year. Here are tips from Pixelman Ltd. on how to create one:


•    Choose your target audiences: Examine your demographics by channel and use this information to inform your holiday marketing ideas. Take note, for instance, whether your Facebook followers are often older than your Instagram followers


•    Decide which channels to focus on: Small business owners find it challenging to be everywhere at once. List your platforms, then prioritize them according to how likely they are to generate traffic and revenue


•    Consider your marketing goals: Set sales goals for your channels, whether they’re email, Facebook, or your physical store


•    Choose holiday promotions: What are you offering current and new customers?


For more information on developing a holiday digital marketing strategy for your small business, book a free strategy session with Pixelman Ltd. today!